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At the airport heading to VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!!

We aren’t even on the same flight. I have 2 hours to wait now. I am so gonna be that girl who paints her nails in the airport!!

Despite my lack of manicure I must look pretty hot because they frisked me and swabbed my palms for explosives while passing through security.

Don’t worry. Only one of these bags are mine (the one without the breathing room…and the zipper that’s about to burst).

BRANDI can you come Wednesday night????? If not, tonight would work too.


  1. tcwph said: Hit up In-N-Out while you’re there! Also, check out Nora’s Italian Cuisine for their great food and wine bar. Have fun!
  2. rainyrainyrainyrainyrainy said: Yay for meeting Bran! She’s the bestest!
  3. macencheeze said: Some other interwebz are at Vegas now.
  4. shellshokt posted this

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