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Since I need to renew my tags next months, I’ve decided to celebrate our first year with the Dart by getting a personalized license plate!!!! I loooooooooove this car so much, she’s so much fun to drive. 

Jeraimee refuses to help me pick the tag from the list of available plates, so I turn to you, Tumblr. What say you?

Do you guys even get #2? It would probably be more suitable on a black Dodge Dart though…( ours is orange ).


Oh Monday

You are so cute with your technical glitches and your adorably impossible work requests. I would love to urgently update 10 different project websites with our brand new logo that I don’t have!

If I ever decide to spearhead the rebranding of a major corporation, someone feed me a Pixie Stick full of ricin.

So I killed a fly with my boobs earlier…

I took the boys for a bike ride and when we got back, I noticed the bug stuck to my shirt. It was smack in the middle of my left boob.

Conclusion, next time I play Rock Paper Scissors I’m totally gonna play a Boob.

What’s this?

I must be hallucinating. How can it possibly be this quiet in our house on a Saturday!?

Oh right. The kids went next to door not use their indoor voices or make a mess everywhere. Ahhhh. Dare I lie on the couch for a cat nap?

Apartment 1303

I got tired of channel surfing and landed on what is absolutely one of the worst movies I have ever seen, Apartment 1303.

I have never been a fan of Mischa Barton and age definitely hasn’t improve her like-ability IMO.

I can’t decide which is worse, the storyline or the movie. Everything about it just terrible. Yet, I can’t bring myself to change the channel. Thank goodness I’m on the first floor and there’s no balcony to throw myself over! Lol.

Drive by waddling at soccer!

I don’t care how cute you are I’m not feeding you.

Massive Unidentified Sea Monster caught on Oil-Rig Cam

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=193_1379475235#iXq2HL4LvwuyrsYk.99

What the ever loving fuck IS THIS!?!??!?!?!

kaiserwilhelm asked: I'll be honest, I went back through your archive to see how long you'd been wanting your divorce to be done and when you add the time you knew you were leaving.. it's been like 5 years. Long time coming! Congrats! (I have a twin as well)

Yeah. For a variety of reasons, we haven’t been staying on top of the divorce paperwork. Part of me thought we wouldn’t be able to agree on a single thing, which meant getting my own attorney with money I don’t have. Asking my boyfriend to fund my divorce is something I would never do.  Fortunately, it seems to have worked in my favor that we dragged it out for so long because the drama and animosity have long since subsided. We have both moved on since the 2010 separation, he’s actually engaged to be married THIS JUNE!

Yup. This June. Who plans a wedding before they’re divorced?? My ex, apparently. LOl. Whatever, I’m actually happy for him (and her). Ever since he’s found happiness with her, he’s been a whole lot easier to deal with. Back in those early days, he would make decisions just to piss me off or hurt me. He’s a manipulator and damn it if nothing is worse than a manipulator with a broken heart. 

Thanks for your comment. I’m really glad it’s almost over. 


Twins RULE!! Are you guys fraternal or identical? Tiff and I believe we’re identical, but we’ve never had the DNA test…at this point we aren’t sure we want to find out if we’re not identical. 


Divorce. Papers. Signed.

Yummiest PSA ever.

Yummiest PSA ever.


Sometimes, when you’re in a very close relationship it’s hard to tell which of life’s lessons are for you, and which are for your partner, your child or even your sibling.

I’m starting to realize that some of the anxiety I have about certain things, things that could potentially become a serious problem, these things are not in my control. Yet I have such anxiety about trying to intervene and prevent things from going badly because that’s how I’ve always operated. Avoid chaos. Avoid upset. Always better to avoid those things, right? Maybe not…

It turns out, that I’m always so busy worrying about other people’s lessons that I don’t even notice my own…which apparently, is knowing when to throw my hands up and say fuck it.

I suppose my next lesson will be how to deal with the aftermath of someone else’s lesson, right? Good times.


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