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Very mesmerizing skating in Chet Faker’s music video “Gold”

Choreographer: Ryan Heffington

Appleusa McGlynn
April Corley
Candice Heiden

Because someday I wanna look this graceful skating on asphalt…

Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Appleusa McGlynn
April Corley
Candice Heiden


Just made my 10th service call to AT&T this year because our router keeps spontaneously rebooting…they have already replaced ALL HARDWARE twice and even tweaked the line to our house. As if that isn’t infuriating enough, the jackass tech MANAGER I just spoke to basically interrogated me about the breed of our dogs when scheduling our service appt, you know “for safety.” When I told him that one of our pups was a pitt bull, he became very concerned and asked me which kind. I said, “the kind that may lick you to death.” Then I assured him that there would be a note on our file if our dogs had eaten the 10 idiot technicians they’ve sent in the past.

Seriously, people. Stop with the ignorance already.


derby thighs, am I right


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I really don’t understand why tumblr isn’t all hyped up on roller derby I mean come on it’s got everything:

-sexy badass ladies of all shapes and sizes
-a feminist and body-positive philosophy
-lgbtq friendly
-and also puns (in the teams’ and players’ names)

It’s just like the best sport ever
So do yourself a favor, guys, and check out if your city has a league, and go to a game because it’s amazing

Trying to get the freshies to skate lower



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Just got back from the rink. I skated for about 3 hours, give or take a few breaks. Rink skating is heavenly compared to asphalt and sidewalk. Even our outdoor rinks are somewhat brutal. Sadly, the place was disappointingly empty until right before I left. Although the kamikaze kids are somewhat terrifying, there’s no better way to practice juking.

Another fresh meat skater met me there. She’s super nice and kind of adorable. I think she’s gonna be pretty awesome at derby. I wish we could fast forward 6 months and see where we’re all at. I’m stoked to be starting out with such a nice crew. A few girls before me actually went through fresh meat solo. I can’t help but feel like they missed out.

Checking on a fallen teammate



You need ice for that?



Kid Vicious leaps through a block, refs observe. June 2014. Photo by Van Deman Photography.

Kick ass kid!!


Gear checklist for our fresh-meat!

October 16, 2014, we will be looking for skaters, referees and non-skating officials! Skaters and Refs must be 18+.

 Admission is free and we have loaner gear (pads, skates, etc) if you don’t have your own. NO SKATING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

Tell your friends about it and have them come meet us too! If you have any questions please feel free to email our recruitment coordinator Kamikaze Khaos - kk@derbysirens.com

More info available at http://derbysirens.com/wanna-be-a-siren/


Central Florida peeps, Thunder City is looking for Fresh Meat!! Check it out…

I’m determined to get the whole family on wheels. Hehe.

I let them both try on my skates. Hehe. Can’t even believe my 9 year old can wear my size. WTF!?! He prefers the blades over the quads. Whatever works, as long as he tries. :)



Man Vandalizes Jeff Koons Retrospective With Own Blood, Because He’s An Artist Too

At least none of the other art was damaged. 

But… it was an exhibit for someone else’s work. Not an open invitation to create your own art. Folks were there to see Koons work. Not his. And he hijacked it. That’s kind of asshole-ish.

This asshole should be locked up! He’s a vandal. Not an artist. This is absurd.


From yesterday. Kind of the epitome of motherhood, right here. A child (not even mine) is wrapping me in streamers and then indestructible yarn (I tried to Hulk out of it, I really did) and I’m just going “yup, this is happening.”

Heheh. Hulk out of it. LOLOL

Ho lee shit. This is fucking delicious.


This is my ‘I drove 3 hrs to have dinner with my bestie’ face.

Throw Back Thursday (Feb 2013).


i hate when i know I saw something on Tumblr or Facebook, but don’t remember which one, and can’t find it again. Frustrating.

This does not describe my experience at all

FB =  Friends + Coworkers +Family 

Tumblr = Friends + favorite Freaks on the planet. =D

Things I like

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