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WORTH SEEING: Ice bucket challenge while still high from wisdom teeth anesthesia. She wins. She wins the whole damn thing.


Omg lol


Accidental IKEA Ad

90% of my captured froggy pic contains items purchased in IKEA. Lol.

Including the container.

On Tuesday it was a giant gecko. Today, it’s THIS GUY. What’s next, a fucking snake!?!?!

What the fuck is going on around here?!

Again, jeraimee's son came to the rescue. Zero pup was about to eat him!!!!


These smiling faces belong to my cousin Kelly and her two oldest kids, Christopher and Katie.

Katie turned 18 last week. She loves to ride horses, fish and ride ATV’s on her parents farm in PA. She is an adoring big sister to her brother Dawson who just turned 5. She is truly the sweetest girl I know, with a loving and giving soul.

Katie graduated from High School this year and was having medical screening for college entry and the Doc saw something in her eye exam that worried him.

She has what CT and MRI shows to be a benign tumor that is growing into the pituitary gland in her brain. She had no real symptoms other than random headaches and a change in her peripheral vision, that was so subtle she didn’t even notice.

Tomorrow, 8/22/14 she will be having an craniotomy to remove the large 5-7cm tumor. It is a dangerous surgery that could leave her paralyzed, blind, or worse.

She has been in good spirits this week and feels the love and support of her friends and family. She is strong and very positive.

Would you all please show this beautiful young lady some love and support as she undergoes this difficult, life threatening surgery?

shellshokt and I will keep you updated.

Thank you

Our beautiful little cousin and her family could use some positive vibes tomorrow. Send her all the good juju you can spare.

When was the last time YOU had a routine check up? Don’t push it off anymore. You just never know…

Most Obnoxious Table in the Entire Pizza Place

Achievement Unlocked.

What an incessantly giggling, spit ball throwing, name calling bunch of brats they were at dinner!!! I was mortified. I even took their sodas away, which I normal don’t even let them have in the first place!!!!!

Then, I was in such a hurry to leave after paying the bill, I left my debit card behind!!!

At least I didn’t get too far before realizing it because I stopped for gas. What a fucking pain in the ass night.

It’s my only dinner with the boys until Friday and I spent the entire time telling at them.

Random Acts of Jell-O

I let a young woman go ahead of me in line at the grocery store because she had less items in her basket and a child in tow. She thanked me profusely while I joked that I was shopping leisurely without my kids this time.

She had less than 10 items and asked the cashier to ring up a few of them after a subtotal. I noticed that she was counting her cash, right down to the penny. Man, I know that game and luckily I haven’t had to play it since college, but boy did it bring back memories. It turned out she didn’t have enough cash to pay for the last 2 items, Jell-O and Capri Sun…

So, I totally bought them for her and I though she was gonna cry. Lol. The cashier and bag boy were beaming. On the way to the car, the bag boy said to me, “it’s nice to know there are still good people in the world.”


Captured and RELEASED!!!

jeraimee's awesome son caught the not-so-little bugger near the dog crate (hence the fur 'coat').

I am BEYOND grateful. Phew!!!

I shall call this, ‘How to wake up without the aid of coffee.’

Summer Vacation is officially OVERRRRRR


Oculus (USA, 2013)

jeraimee and I just watched Oculus. [shudder]. What a creepy ass movie. Palette cleansing with some Louis CK before bed. Lol

Sissy made a surprise breakfast this morning!!! (She added a slice of cheddar after taking this).

Sorry, we ate it too fast to take an after picture. LOL.



9 yo just said, maybe that old guy should ride the Merry-go-round backwards just a little…you know…so he can be like a REAL adult age…32, like you, mommy!



Mr.Dark, Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked this way Comes Bob Peak


Mr.Dark, Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked this way Comes 
Bob Peak


Original movie poster art for Something Wicked This Way Comes by David Grove, 1983

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